12 January 2016

Academy of European Law (ERA)
Recent Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights in Family Law Matters
11 - 12 February 2016, Strasbourg

This seminar will provide participants with a detailed understanding of the most recent jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) related to family law matters.

The spotlight is centred on Article 8 (respect for private and family life) in conjunction with Article 14 (prohibition of discrimination) and Article 12 (right to marry). The case law of the ECtHR concentrates not only on the legal implications but also on social, emotional and biological factors.
Key topics
• Notion of family life – current definition and interpretation by the ECtHR
• International child abduction
• Balancing children’s rights, parents’ rights and public order 
• Surrogacy parenthood
• Home births and assistance rights
• Abortion
• Same-sex relationships and transindividuals’ gender recognition

Who should attend?
Lawyers specialised in family law, human rights lawyers, judges dealing with family law matters, ministry officials, representatives of NGOs and child’s rights organisations.

Fees, programme and online registration and other information can be found on the ERA website.

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