27 February 2015

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Short Course on International Human Rights Law
24 September - 4 December 2015

Deadline for application: 1 September 2015 

The Human Rights Law Centre of the University of Nottingham is organising a 10-week residential course designed to give an in-depth understanding of international human rights standards through seminars, guest lectures, workshops, visits, tutorials and conferences.

The course provides valuable insight and contextual knowledge of the practical operation of human rights law for those interested in human rights protection, from NGOs, international organisations, government, judiciary, police, charity or legal professions, academia, media and business. 
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), Brussels
Internships at the UNPO Advocacy Office

Deadline for application: 11 March 2012

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is an international membership organization working in the field of human rights, self-determination, indigenous issues, democracy and non-violence. UNPO represents 47 nations, minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide, and was established in 1991 at the Peace Palace in The Hague. UNPO’s worldwide activities are coordinated and implemented from the organization’s headquarters in The Hague and a regional advocacy office in Brussels.

Students and young professionals from all over the world, with degrees in international relations, political science, international law, development and political/social geography and a range of work experience have undertaken internships at the UNPO. Interns are offered a unique work experience, with a wide range of responsibilities in a multicultural environment that uses English as the main working language. Each intern is given the opportunity to develop and implement their academic, organizational, political, administrative and research skills.

UNPO is currently offering internship positions at its Advocacy Office in Brussels.

26 February 2015

Ghent University (UGent) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium
PhD positions in the field of gender, culture & migration
Deadline for application: 1 May 2015

Ghent University (UGent) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) are offering two vacancies for doctoral research within the framework of the FWO (Fund for Scientific Research Flanders) research project 'Harmful Cultural Practices: A critical analysis of cross-cultural discourses and moral understandings of gender, sexuality and embodiment'.

Both researchers will work closely together under the joint supervision of Prof. Dr. Gily Coene (VUB) and Prof. Dr. Chia Longman (UGent). One researcher will be based at the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender at UGent, the other will be based at Rhea, Centre of Expertise in Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality at VUB.

25 February 2015

International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Brussels 
Internship - Western Europe Desk
Deadline for application: 2 March 2015 

Human Rights are the very foundation of a society that guarantees equality, dignity and freedom for each human being. The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), through its legitimacy, its experience, its methods and its credibility, has a unique role to play in contributing to their realisation.

FIDH currently has an internship position with the Western Europe Desk.

24 February 2015

Leiden University, The Netherlands
Summer Schools 2015

Leiden Law School offers several events during the summer months in cooperation with Columbia University in New York and its own Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies in The Hague.

Columbia Summer Program: Amsterdam, 6-30 July 2015
Law on the Bosphorus III: Istanbul, 20-30 July 2015
Summer Program on International Criminal Law: The Hague, 22 June - 3 July 2015
Summer School on Women, Peace and Security: The Hague, 8 - 19 July 2015
Summer School on Human Rights and Transitional Justice: The Hague, 13-17 July 2015
Summer School on International Children’s Rights: Leiden and The Hague, 6 - 10 July 2015
Brandeis in The Hague Summer Program: The Hague

17 February 2015

School of Public Policy at University College London (UCL)
Pentland Scholarship 'Master of Public Administration, Executive Programme in Global Public Policy and Management (Global EMPA)'

Deadline for application: 5 March 2015

About this scholarship
The School of Public Policy at UCL invites applications for the Pentland Scholarship to support one individual undertaking its Global EMPA programme run jointly with the Wagner School in New York. The Global EMPA programme is intended to equip talented professionals, who have at least five years work experience, to develop their analytical skills and managerial competence so that they are able to provide public policy leadership in conditions of contemporary governance.

The Global EMPA is a full time one-year programme. Students will spend the first semester at NYU Wagner in New York, the spring term at UCL in London and the summer in locations across the globe working on a client-based Capstone project.

The scholarship will be awarded to individuals from Africa, Asia-Pacific or Latin America and will support outstanding young people at an early stage in their careers, who can demonstrate a capacity to benefit from the programme, a clear sense in which they will be able to contribute to public service and who lack the means to finance their own study. 

Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (UU)
Summer school 2015 'International Law from a Gender Perspective'

20 - 24 July 2015
Deadline for registration: 19 June 2015 

Justice is to be done regardless of money, race, etc., but also regardless of gender. However, the law, including international law, is not a perfect system, and just like the people who made it, it is biased. This interactive, one-week course will look at law from a gender perspective, encompassing cis, gay, trans and intersex perspectives. The focus is primarily on human rights but will cut across other areas of international law, such as refugee law. Through lectures, excursion(s), and group assignments, topical issues will be explored and analysed, linking theory and practice.
Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (UU)
Summer School 2015 'International Human Rights Law: an Introduction'

13 - 17 July 2015 

Deadline for application: 19 June 2015

Interested in learning about human rights? This one-week introduction course focuses on the major features of international human rights law. It begins by examining the philosophical and political bases of human rights and then explores human rights documents and mechanisms for the promotion and protection of human rights at the international and regional levels. Human rights-based approaches for analyzing conflict and attempts to promote peace and justice will also be explored. Through lectures, interactive working groups, expert panels and excursion(s), participants will gain an understanding of the various elements - and their interplay - involved in this field.

13 February 2015

European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI), Brussels
Project Coordinator - Project on Human Rights of Older Persons and Long-term Care
Deadline for application: 16 February 2015

The European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) comprises National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) from across wider Europe. NHRIs are state funded institutions, independent of government, with a broad mandate to promote and protect human rights. They are accredited by reference to the UN Paris Principles. ENNHRI’s Permanent Secretariat is based in Brussels.

Beginning in January 2015, ENNHRI is coordinating a 2,5 year project on 'Human Rights of Older Persons and Long-Term Care’ (the Project), with funding support from the European Commission (DG Employment). The Project aims to embed a human rights based approach in the long-term care of older persons in Europe, with an emphasis on residential care. The Project will be coordinated by the ENNHRI Secretariat, with support from an Advisory Group of experts in the field.

The Project will include:
• Desk-based research on the human rights standards relevant to older persons in long term care, and a human rights based approach to care.
• Monitoring of the human rights situation of older persons in long-term care in six representative EU Member States.
• Conclusions on some key trends in the human rights situation of older persons in long-term care in Europe, and recommendations to address this situation.
• Engagement with key European and international stakeholders.
• Awareness-raising of a human rights based approach to care, and the Project.

In this context, ENNHRI seeks a Project Coordinator to support the implementation of the Project.

11 February 2015

Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Freie Universität Berlin
Joint Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program 'Human Rights under Pressure - Ethics, Law, and Politics'
Deadline for application: 20 February 2015

“There are three primary categories of contemporary ‘pressures’ that constitute systematic challenges for human rights, requiring new thinking and interdisciplinary research: first, crises and emergencies; second, the reality of diversity; and finally, intensified global interactions in the process of globalization.”

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Freie Universität Berlin are now accepting applications for the second round  of Post-Doctoral Fellowships in their joint interdisciplinary program 'Human Rights under Pressure – Ethics, Law and Politics' (HR-UP), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

09 February 2015

University of Oslo, Faculty of Law
Doctoral Research Fellowship in Law
Deadline for application: 2 March 2015

The Faculty of Law in Oslo is the leading educational and research institution in law in Norway, with some 90 PhD students. 4-6 PhD Fellowships within legal research are available at the Faculty of Law. The purpose of the Fellowship is research training leading to the successful completion of a PhD degree. The selected candidates will automatically be admitted to the faculty’s approved PhD programme.

The Fellowships are for a period of up to 4 years, with teaching constituting 25 % of the workload. Alternatively they are for 3 years without any teaching duties. A 4 year Fellowship requires the candidate to meet current teaching needs at the Faculty. The Fellowship period may be reduced within the framework of pertaining regulations based on previously held research fellowship positions.