17 February 2015

School of Public Policy at University College London (UCL)
Pentland Scholarship 'Master of Public Administration, Executive Programme in Global Public Policy and Management (Global EMPA)'

Deadline for application: 5 March 2015

About this scholarship
The School of Public Policy at UCL invites applications for the Pentland Scholarship to support one individual undertaking its Global EMPA programme run jointly with the Wagner School in New York. The Global EMPA programme is intended to equip talented professionals, who have at least five years work experience, to develop their analytical skills and managerial competence so that they are able to provide public policy leadership in conditions of contemporary governance.

The Global EMPA is a full time one-year programme. Students will spend the first semester at NYU Wagner in New York, the spring term at UCL in London and the summer in locations across the globe working on a client-based Capstone project.

The scholarship will be awarded to individuals from Africa, Asia-Pacific or Latin America and will support outstanding young people at an early stage in their careers, who can demonstrate a capacity to benefit from the programme, a clear sense in which they will be able to contribute to public service and who lack the means to finance their own study. 

The Pentland Scholarship represents a unique partnership which enables talented young professionals from the Global South to take advantage of this innovative one year programme. The successful candidate will benefit from additional access to an internship with Pentland, membership of a global community of Pentland Scholars and UCL/NYU scholars and alumni.

The scholarship meets the full cost of tuition and fees for the programme and will provide the successful individual with a full stipend.

Further information about the programme can be found here.

Applicants must meet the admissions requirements for the Global EMPA as detailed on the NYU website.

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants from Africa, Asia-Pacific, or Latin America on the basis of best fit to the programme and an assessment of financial need.

Application process
Applicants should submit a CV (no longer than four A4 pages) along with an ‘Application Form’. By the scholarship deadline date, applicants must also have submitted a full application for the Global EMPA online at the NYU Wagner admissions portal.


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