31 March 2016

European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC)
2016 Venice Academy of Human Rights: Backlash against Human Rights?
4-13 July 2016, Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice - Lido (Italy)

Deadline for application: 29 May 2016. 'Early birds' registration until 17 April 2016

The Venice Academy of Human Rights is a centre of excellence for human rights education, research and debate. It forms part of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) which is an internationally leading institution for research and education.

Backlash against Human Rights?
International and regional human rights systems have witnessed remarkably outspoken critiques that emphasise a movement back towards the nation State and national sovereignty. The European Court of Human Rights is occasionally openly criticised, if not attacked, for overstepping its competencies and intervening in national affairs. National supreme courts reassert their own status and authority. In addition, fundamental freedoms have been restricted in the name of security and greater national interests. We are also witnessing a new radicalisation of politics that sheds doubts both economically and socially on the viability of the European Union and on other regional integration projects.

The 2016 Venice Academy of Human Rights looks at these developments from an institutional, legal, political and interdisciplinary perspective. Lectures and seminars by the distinguished faculty focus on the expansion and resistance to human rights obligations, counter-terrorist laws and policies, restrictions of civil liberties, processes of exclusion and redistribution in society, and the legitimacy crisis of human rights courts.

At the end of the programme, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance issued by the Venice Academy of Human Rights.

All information on the The 2016 Venice Academy of Human Rights can be found here.

30 March 2016

The Hague Academy of International Law
Advanced Course on International Criminal Law 
Special Focus: International Criminal Justice, Migration and Human Trafficking
30 May - 8 June 2016 
Deadline for application: 1 April 2016 

This advanced course, offered by The Hague Academy of International Law in cooperation
with the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University, provides in-depth understanding, discussion and training in theory and practice of International Criminal Law. 

This year’s session focuses on International Criminal Justice, Migration and Human Trafficking.

The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM)
Summer school courses on Human Rights 

The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) is a research institute of the Utrecht University School of Law and offers internationally oriented study programmes, conducts interdisciplinary research and organises a range of activities in the field of human rights.

The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights offers three summer school courses this year:

17 March 2016

Privacy International, London
Volunteer Summer intake
Deadline for application: 5 April 2016
Privacy International is a London-based charity that investigates the secret world of government surveillance and exposes the companies enabling it. 
• It litigates to ensure that surveillance is consistent with the rule of law. 
• It advocates for strong national, regional, and international laws that protect privacy. 
• It conducts research to catalyse policy change. 
• It raises awareness about technologies and laws that place privacy at risk, to ensure that the public is informed and engaged. 
• To ensure that this right is universally respected, it strengthens the capacity of its partners in developing countries and works with international organisations to protect the most vulnerable.

Want to volunteer for a charity that holds governments and companies to account on their intrusions into our private lives? Then apply to join Privacy International’s volunteer programme!

14 March 2016

Front Line Defenders, Dublin and Geneva
Frank Jennings Internship
Deadline for application: 1 May 2016

Front Line Defenders was founded in Dublin in 2001 with the specific aim of protecting human rights defenders at risk, people who work, non-violently, for any or all of the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Front Line Defenders addresses the protection needs identified by HRDs themselves.

The Frank Jennings Internship was set up to give an opportunity for dedicated and talented individuals to gain experience working for the protection of human rights defenders in an international NGO and at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. It is named after Front Line Defenders' former Head of Research who died after a long illness in 2005. Frank made a huge contribution to the development of human rights activism in Ireland and candidates who have some experience of human rights work in Ireland will be given priority.

11 March 2016

Fair Trials, London
Legal and Policy Intern

Deadline for application: 22 March 2016 

Fair Trials is a human rights organisation that works to improve respect for the fundamental human right to a fair trial. Its vision is a world where every person’s right to a fair trial is respected. Its mission is to work for fair trials according to internationally‐recognised standards of justice. 

Fair Trials currently has a vacancy for a Legal and Policy Intern.
Equal Rights Trust, London
Assistant on Partnerships and Development

Deadline for application: 25 March 2016

The Equal Rights Trust is an independent international organisation whose purpose is to combat discrimination and advance equality worldwide. The Trust promotes a unified human rights framework on equality, focusing on the complex relationships between different types of disadvantage and developing strategies for translating the principles of equality into practice. The Trust works in over 30 countries, pursuing its objectives through advocacy, litigation, development of resources, and movement building. 

The Equal Rights Trust is seeking an enthusiastic and talented professional to join its team as Assistant on Partnerships and Development. This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to develop a career in human rights.

09 March 2016

Human Rights Centre, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
MA Degree Programme in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance

Deadline for applicaiton: 22 April 2016 

The Master’s degree course provides students with the knowledge and the competences required to protect and promote human rights in multi-level governance contexts, locally to internationally. Students develop the capabilities and skills necessary to analyse, assess and manage complex political and socio-economic phenomena and their impact on the fundamental rights of all persons, mainly the most vulnerable ones.

The scientific and value-based paradigm adopted is rooted in the principles of the international law of human rights, according to a trans-national and trans-cultural approach. The course is inherently multi-disciplinary and nurtures students’ interdisciplinary abilities.

The normal duration of the course is two years and requires 120 university credits (or CFUs). The Master degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance will be awarded upon completion of the course. All teaching courses are taught in English.

Further information can be found here.
Institute for Minority Rights at the European Academy Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC), Italy
Summer School 2016 - Integration/Disintegration

20 June - 1 July 2016, Bozen/Bolzano (I) and Canton of Grisons (Switzerland)

Deadline for application: 31 March 2016 

​Since 1999, the Institute for Minority Rights at the European Academy Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC) has been organizing a two-week Summer School on the topics of Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management. The international Summer School attracts students from all over the world, offering them a platform to discuss current topics in the field of diversity management with experts from inside and outside of academia.

In 2016, the 30-35 participants of the Summer School will explore the theme of Integration/Disintegration through seminars and workshops focusing on a wide range of topics, from minority rights, migrant integration and right-wing extremism to direct democracy and the right to self-determination. Encounters with South Tyrolean politicians and a visit to a primary school in Switzerland will provide opportunities to experience local approaches to minority protection and diversity governance.
Université de Genève
Summer Schools - Children at the heart of Human Rights
6 - 17 June 2016

Deadline for application: 1 May 2016 

Geneva has long been one of the world’s capitals of international law and the headquarters of international institutions dedicated to human rights. This inspiring context naturally has led to one of the core strengths of the University of Geneva to be within the domain of international human rights laws and policies.

The Summer School ‘Children at the Heart of Human Rights’ is a unique opportunity for students and young professionals to engage with leading experts in a dynamic scientific interdisciplinary environment. It is the perfect academic and professional preparation experience for those students interested in children’s rights and international human rights organizations.

The course is shaped to bring out the best of current issues in the international debate on children’s rights studies and policies. It will examine these issues with an interdisciplinary perspective and investigate different international legal instruments such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other human rights treaties and standard-setting instruments. This programme is characterized by a deep dive into the following:
• the interplay between theory and practice in the field of children's rights
• the international perspective promoted by the lecturers from different regions of the world
• field visits to several UN Agencies, international humanitarian organisations and NGOs, located in Geneva

The blending of all these features will favour a vibrant, challenging and fruitful interactive learning atmosphere.

07 March 2016

Human Rights Law Centre, The University of Nottingham
Summer School on the Rights of the Child
27 June - 1 July 2016
Deadline for application: 1 June 2016

The objective of the Human Rights Law Centre Summer School is to consider issues concerning the rights of the child that are a matter of current legal, political and societal attention, both internationally and comparatively. These include child participation, child poverty, children in conflict, and child rights monitoring and advocacy.

The Summer School will examine international and regional child rights law, including the work of the international courts and treaty monitoring bodies mandated to consider violations of the rights of the child.