17 March 2016

Privacy International, London
Volunteer Summer intake
Deadline for application: 5 April 2016
Privacy International is a London-based charity that investigates the secret world of government surveillance and exposes the companies enabling it. 
• It litigates to ensure that surveillance is consistent with the rule of law. 
• It advocates for strong national, regional, and international laws that protect privacy. 
• It conducts research to catalyse policy change. 
• It raises awareness about technologies and laws that place privacy at risk, to ensure that the public is informed and engaged. 
• To ensure that this right is universally respected, it strengthens the capacity of its partners in developing countries and works with international organisations to protect the most vulnerable.

Want to volunteer for a charity that holds governments and companies to account on their intrusions into our private lives? Then apply to join Privacy International’s volunteer programme!
Privacy International is a London-based charity that is committed to fighting for the right to privacy across the world. 

In its volunteer programme, you will not be making coffee or doing the photocopying. Volunteers are treated as full members of the team who play a meaningful role in PI's campaigns, litigation, research and advocacy projects.

Here is what Privacy International is looking for in volunteers:
• a strong commitment to fighting intrusions into our private lives by governments and corporations.
• pursuing or holding a degree in law, political science, public policy or similar academic studies.
• an knowledge or interest in the intersection of rights and technology.
• maturity and independence.
• initiative and demonstrated ability to work without supervision.
• excellent communications skills.

Volunteers will assist Privacy International's team at its London offices. We ask that you commit to a minimum of three days per week for three months. However, based on your personal, academic and/or professional commitments, we are very flexible about this.

Please take a look at Privacy International's projectslegal actions and blogs to get a sense of its current work before applying. Please send your CV and a short covering letter (maximum 300 words), which should indicate what area of our work you would like to get involved in, to harmitk@privacyinternational.org

Privacy International will cover reasonable travel and lunch expenses, but ask volunteers to use their own laptop if they can. Do please let PI know if this will be difficult for you.

Announcement on the Privacy International website.


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