13 February 2014

Centre for Studies and Research, The Hague Academy of International Law
The Rights of Women and Elimination of Discrimination
18 August - 5 September 2014

Deadline for application: 15 March 2014

Profile of the Centre
The Centre is designed to bring together young international lawyers of a high standard from all over the world, to undertake original research on a common general theme which is determined each year by the Academy. The research work undertaken at the Centre may be included in a collective work published by the Academy.
There are between 20 and 24 participants, half in the English-speaking section and half in the French-speaking section.
The topic of the 2014 Centre is 'The Rights of Women and Elimination of Discrimination'.
The topic is broad in order to bring together scholars specialising in either Public International Law or Private International Law, or both. The aim is to cover both theoretical and practical aspects, with regard to a variety of situations and contexts. Considering that the contributions are to be published later on in the form of a Centre book, the candidates are expected to be able to write fluently in either French or English.

Regulations of the Centre
The Centre is open only to academics or lawyers of a high standard. Applications are open only to those persons who hold advanced university degrees (a doctorate or the Academy's Diploma) or to those who provide evidence of their actual involvement, for at least three years, in international legal matters. Candidates must have real practical experience and an ability to undertake research.

• Candidates who are accepted must further:
- A high standard of work;

- Real exchanges among the participants;
- The efficient cooperation of each participant, guided by the Directors of Studies.

• Each participant must write a report on a subject arising out of the general theme of the year, which will be determined by the Director of Studies. This report must be sent to the relevant Director of Studies, by mid-November at the latest.

• Each participant will receive a daily allowance of €35 according to the length of the stay and the reimbursement of half of his or her travel expenses, up to a maximum of €910 .

• The uninterrupted presence in The Hague of the selected participants will be monitored by the Academy.

How to apply
Students who wish to apply for the Centre must imperatively upload the following documents:
• A curriculum vitae with, if applicable, a list of publications.
• A copy of all law diplomas, translated into one of the two languages of the Academy (English or French).
• Indication of the number of hours of international law courses attended, together with the results and marks obtained.
• A short letter giving reasons for the application (1-2 pages).
• A recommendation letter from a professor of International Law.

Caution: The documents attached should be in PDF format.

How to send the references
Candidates must give the name of their referee in their application form. Letters received by the Academy will be matched with the name on the form; letters with a different name will not be considered. References can be written in English or French. In their letter, the international law professor who acts as a referee must indicate his or her full title, name, university/company and email address. References should be signed and sent as PDF files. Referees should send their recommendation letter as an attachment by email directly and personally to s.deseze@hagueacademy.nl
. Please do not ask your referee to send a hard copy.

Closing date for applications: All documents must have been received by the Secretariat by March 15th, 0:00 The Hague time (GMT+1) at the latest. Incomplete files will not be consisered.

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