20 September 2016

SUTYAJNIK, Yekaterinburg (Russia)
VIII Urals Human Rights School 'Private life: International and national legal standards'
22 - 25 September 2016

The URALS Human Rights School is an international event that takes place twice a year. It consists of a conference, round table discussions and a 3-5 days training session for young human rights professionals. It is organized by Sutyajnik, a regional non-governmental organization that provides legal defence to Russian citizens who have been denied rights guaranteed to them under the Russian Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The theme of the upcoming school is 'Private life: International and national legal standards' and will cover the following topics:
• Privacy and private life in prisons - balance of State interest and private interests (rehabilitation as a right to family life, right to conjugal meetings, rights to artificial insemination, health issues, etc).
• Privacy and private and family life in transplantology - the issue of presumed consent to donation of organs.
• Privacy of correspondence and state security (Roman Zakharov v. Russia on mobile phone interception by FSB).
• Balancing Privacy and Freedom of Expression.
• Private life of homosexual couples and trans people.
• European standards of private and family life protection.
• Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France and the right to privacy under the ECHR.
• How to make a journalist interested in human rights case? How to communicate your work with, without and instead of a journalist?

The full agenda is available here.

If you are not participating, you can watch sessions online live or on demand.

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