09 May 2012

Swisspeace & University of Basel
Advanced Studies Civilian Peacebuilding Course
Basel - Bern, 2012-2013

In September 2012 swisspeace and the University of Basel launch the first Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Civilian Peacebuilding Course. This one-year postgraduate course provides theoretical inputs, practical tools and pertinent methods for civilian peacebuilding. It reflects on current practices and highlights trends and challenges faced in this field.

Target Audience / Terms of Admission
The CAS Civilian Peacebuilding Course aims at persons that are currently, or may be in the future, active in fields such as peacebuilding, development cooperation, human rights work, peace and conflict studies and social work. A university degree or an equivalent educational background is mandatory. Practical experience in relevant fields is expected. The course will be held with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 participants.

Course Structure / Form
The course consists of five modules:
● Introductory Module: this module gives an overview of the field of civilian peacebuilding, sketches the development of peace and conflict studies over the last 20 years and highlights current trends and ongoing debates in this area.
● Thematic module:
- Conflict and Peacebuilding in Fragile States
- Mediating Peace
- Dealing with the Past
- Peacebuilding Analysis and Impact
- Business and Peace
● Training module:
The course participants choose two practice-oriented courses from the training series offered by swisspeace's KOFF Center for Peacebuilding.
● Applied module:
The course participants work in groups on a case study applying different tools of conflict analysis
● Concluding module:
Under the supervision of an expert, the course participants write a practice-oriented final thesis. In a final block, conclusions on civilian peacebuilding are drawn and an outlook on future developments is given.

Conceptual inputs by experienced experts and academics from different fields of expertise and with diverse cultural backgrounds are combined with reflections on practice, based on case studies and on the experience of the participants. The course is designed in a highly interactive manner, group and panel discussions, group work, role plays, scenario-based exercises and multimedia being used to highlight and deepen insights with respect to civilian peacebuilding. Course participants will present the results of their group work of the applied module to their colleagues. Furthermore, they are asked to write a final thesis on a topic of their choice.

Course Languages
The course modules will be given in English (active knowledge is necessary) and German (passive knowledge is sufficient).

Registration and Admission Procedure
Registration deadline is 30 June 2012. Within a month after reception of your complete application you will be notified if you will be admitted onto the CAS Civilian Peacebuilding Course.

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