06 February 2017

European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) 
Venice Academy of Human Rights: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as an Answer to Rising Inequalities
3 - 12 July 2017, Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice Lido (Italy)
Early bird registration: 15 March 2017
Deadline for registration: 19 April 2017 

Instead of 'the end of history', we have lived through a major financial crisis, including a debt crisis in Europe that is far from over, and we are currently witnessing threats to democratic governance both from outside and from within the democratic system. Whether these are only temporary setbacks in the global spread of liberal democracy and neoliberal capitalism has to been seen. However, it is reason to pause and reconsider the prospects for economic and social justice against the background of rising inequalities in the world.

The Venice Academy of Human Rights 2017 looks at these developments from an interdisciplinary perspective that combines law, economics, politics and sociology. Lectures and seminars by the distinguished faculty discuss the question what role do human rights play in enabling and promoting social justice. Are human rights an effective tool for the promotion of economic and social equality? Do human rights impose limits to privatization of particular goods and services? How do human rights enable a just economic and social order? These are but some of the questions that participants of the Academy will discuss in an intense programme over ten days next summer.
  • All practical information can be found on the EIUC website

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