04 August 2014

Human Rights Law Centre, University of Nottingham
Human Rights Courses

The Human Rights Law Centre at the University of Nottingham offers human rights short courses for graduate students, government officials, lawyers, human rights field workers, NGO and IGO personnel and others with an interest in human rights at an international or national level, and gives a full overview of international human rights standards in practice, around the world.

The Centre offers:
•  a one term course twice a year (25 September to 5 December 2014 and 8 January to 20 March 2015) which provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of UN and regional human rights systems by faculty and visiting lecturers who have experience of the systems in practice. 

• a two term course beginning in September/October in which the second term is spent in a human rights internship in an IGO or an NGO. 

Further details can be found here.

• online distance learning courses. There are nine modules to choose from, including UN Human Rights System, International Criminal Justice and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as well as the Rights of the Child and Women’s Rights which are new modules available from September 2014. Each module lasts eight weeks.
Further details can be found here.

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