19 September 2013

Academy of European Law (ERA)
Seminar on the Supervision of matters relating to detention: The Council of Europe and international bodies' work in improving conditions
Strasbourg, 14 - 15 November 2013

Contents of the seminar
The seminar will focus on the work of the Council of Europe and international bodies in improving conditions related to detention.

Key topics
• Work of the Council of Europe and its European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) in the field of detention.
• The Council of Europe’s legal body of recommendations, conventions and resolutions, in particular the European Prison Rules.
• UN Optional Protocol against Torture and national preventative mechanisms.
• Alternatives to imprisonment, actions on improving detention conditions and improving prison monitoring coordination among key actors.
The seminar is the second in a series of three seminars. The first seminar took place in June. The third will take place in Februray 2014 in Trier and will deal with the improvement of conditions relating to detention at an EU level: best practice, legislation and the European Commission’s Green Paper on detention.

English, French (simultaneous interpretation)

Registration fee
€165 EUR. Travel costs up to €300 (including taxi costs) and accommodation for two nights (13-15 November) up to €140 per night will be reimbursed by ERA upon receipt of the original receipts, tickets, boarding passes or invoices after the seminar. Participants are asked to book their own travel and accommodation.

Who should attend?
Judges, prosecutors, lawyers in private practice and officials from ministries, prison administrations, the probation system and prison monitoring bodies.

Online registrations only. In order to apply, you first need to create a (free) ERA account.

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