22 January 2013

Human Rights for Development (HR4DEV)
Advanced international training course on human rights in development

29 July - 23 August 2013, Antwerp (Belgium)

About the course
The advanced international training course Human Rights for Development (HR4DEV) aims at promoting knowledge, insight and skills in the field of human rights (including children's rights) and at developing young leaders in policy, practice and academia, to enable them to pass on this knowledge and skills to their own society (according to the train-the-trainers model), on the one hand, and to stimulate critical and strategic reflection on the integration of human rights (including children's rights) in their professional activities, on the other. HR4DEV is not exclusively organised for participants from the South. We explicitly choose to expose participants from North and South to the views of participants from other continents. Information, knowledge and means that are relevant in both North and South are shared.

Structure of the courseThe course consists of a general module on human rights and development, and a thematic module on the right to health.

The general moduel addresses questions such as:
• What are the potential and limits of human rights for development?
• What is the added value of rights’ approaches to global problems such as poverty, environmental challenges, armed conflict and migration?
• How can human rights contribute to social justice?
• How to apply a human rights-based approach in practice?

The second module focuses on national and international dimensions of the right to health. Participants will be introduced to the tensions between public health goals and human rights aims from both a Northern and Southern perspective; including issues such as informed consent.
Participants are encouraged to take the full course, but can also apply for one module only.

Applications are to be submitted electronically. A limited number of scholarships is available.

The deadline for applications is 15 March 2013, 4 p.m (CET).

Should you have an questions, please address them to hr4dev@ua.ac.be.
Further details about the programme can be found on HR4DEV website.

The course is a joint initiative of the Flemish Interuniversity Research Network on Law and Development (LAW&DEV), in cooperation with the Institute of Development Policy and management (University of Antwerp) and several renowned experts of the Institute for Tropical Medicine (Antwerp).

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