22 November 2012

Law, War and Human Rights
Eight Monday evening classes (28 January - 18 March 2013) - Centre for the Study of Human Rights, London

This eight-week programme, carried out by way of a two-hour seminar each Monday evening, examines the laws of war and international criminal law from the perspective of international human rights law. It confronts the crucial questions: are human rights law, the laws of war and international criminal law three distinct disciplines? Have they now become so entwined that it is not possible fully to understand one without some knowledge of the other?

Humanitarian law, international criminal law and the law of human rights have many features in common. This course will make the links between these different strands of law and show how they work together and complement each other. It will also show where they are distinct and analyse why it is necessary to acknowledge that the three bodies of law are separate, despite the fact that the three strands work towards many of the same goals.

At the course's conclusion, participants will have a real grasp of how human rights law now informs all aspects of conflict and its aftermath, including terrorism and international crimes. A certificate of attendance from the Centre for the Study of Human Rights at LSE will be awarded to all those who have successfully completed the course.
Course components
• The nature of armed conflict and the rules applying to the use of force
• International armed conflicts and international humanitarian law
• Human rights in non-international armed conflicts
• Human rights, conflict and International Criminal Law
• Women, war and conflict
• Children and other vulnerable groups in war and conflict
• Post conflict issues: reconciliation and protection
• Terrorism, war and conflict
• Human rights and international armed conflict
The course is taught by a panel of distinguished experts, including:
Dapo Akande, Lecturer in Public International Law and Co-Director of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict, University of Oxford.
Dr Chaloka Beyani, Senior Lecturer in Law at LSE and UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons.
Professor Christine Chinkin FBA, Professor of International Law at LSE, member of Matrix Chambers, former member of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict and currently a member of the Kosovo Human Rights Advisory Panel.
Professor Andrew Clapham, Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute of International Studies Institute and former Representative of Amnesty International to the United Nations in New York.
Professor Françoise Hampson OBE, Professor of Law at the University of Essex, barrister and expert in the fields of armed conflict, international humanitarian law and on the European Convention on Human Rights. 
Dr Jenny Kuper, Visiting Fellow at LSE, former consultant for UNICEF on law reform issues in Nepal, and for the International Committee of the Red Cross as the UK expert for the study on 'Customary International Humanitarian Law.'
Professor Javaid Rehman, Professor of Law and Head of Brunel Law School, and an internationally recognised legal scholar and expert on Islamic Law, International human rights law and International terrorism.
Professor Gerry Simpson, Chair of Law at the University of Melbourne; Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law, and Convenor of The Global Justice Studio. Visiting Professor of Public International Law at LSE.

The course is convened, and each session chaired, by Madeleine Colvin. Madeleine is a human rights lawyer who worked for several human rights organisations including Liberty and Justice. She is the author of publications on surveillance and privacy. She is currently a human rights consultant and a part-time Immigration Judge. She is an Associate Tenant at Doughty Street Chambers, a member of the Ethics Group for the national DNA database, and a practising mediator focusing on equality issues.

Fees and administration
The course fee is £1,320. Book online here.

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