22 February 2016

Academy of European Law (ERA)
Training seminar 'The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in Practice'
25 - 26 April 2016, Prague

This seminar organized by ERA will provide practical training on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights for lawyers specialising in civil law and other legal professionals.

Participants will be able to deepen and update their knowledge about the Charter of Fundamental Rights, in particular as applied to civil law. They will have the opportunity to discuss with colleagues and experts from across Europe the most relevant practical issues and recent developments in the field and to learn how to make use of the Charter in a case before a court.
Key topics
• The role of the Charter in the protection of fundamental rights in Europe and its relationship with other human rights instruments 
• The Charter’s legal value
• The Charter’s scope of application
• Application of the Charter to civil law scenarios, such as consumer contract law and personality rights
• Hints on application and interpretation

Interactive methodology
The training seminar will have a practical approach. It will consist of presentations, group discussions and workshops on procedural and substantive topics. 

Who should attend?
Lawyers in private practice wishing to apply the Charter’s provisions to a case before a court and other legal professionals from EU Member States. 

All practical information can be found on the ERA website.

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