25 April 2013

The Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union in practice
Seminar organised by the Academy of European Law (ERA) in cooperation with the Faculty of Advocates
3 - 4 June 2013, Edingburgh

This seminar will provide practical training to legal practitioners on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. It is part of a project co-financed by the European Commission consisting of eight decentralised seminars spread across the EU. This seminar will focus on the Charter's application to criminal law.

Key topics
• Legal nature of the Charter
• The relevance of the Charter for the national legal order
• Application of the Charter to the United Kingdom
• Content and scope of the Charter
• Hints on application and interpretation of the Charter
• Relationship with the European Convention of Human Rights and other human rights provision

Jodie Blackstock, Barrister; Director of Criminal and EU Justice Policy, JUSTICE, London
Filippo Fontanelli, Lecturer in Law, University of Surrey
Patrick Hodge, Lord Hodge, Justice Nominate of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, London (invited)
Suzanne Kingston, Barrister; Lecturer, School of Law, University College Dublin

Interactive methodology
• Case studies on the scope and the applicability of the Charter
• Workshop on substantive application of Charter provisions

Who should attend?
Legal professionals interested in application of the Charter in practical terms, in particular lawyers in private practice wishing to apply the Charter provisions to a case before a court.

The registration fee is €280.
In order to register, you first need to create an ERA-account.

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